MAT-File IO Library for LabVIEW


What's this all about?

This is a library of LabVIEW VIs that allow you to read and write level 5 MATLAB MAT-files without requiring MATLAB to be installed on the computer. The code is written in pure G (LabVIEW source code) with no external libraries, so it can be used on any computer that LabVIEW runs on (Windows Vista/XP/2000, Mac OS X, and Linux). Anybody is free to download and use the library. It is licensed under a BSD-style license.

Why use level 5 mat-files?

Here is a snippet from the public mat-file documentation published by the makers of Matlab.

" The Level 5 MAT-file format supports all the array types supported in MATLAB Versions 5 and up, including multidimensional numeric arrays, character arrays, sparse arrays, cell arrays, structures, and objects.

The Level 4 MAT-file format is a simpler format, but it only supports two-dimensional matrices and character strings. "

Additionally, the level 5 format allows transparent compression using fast and effective gzip compression utility. This can reduce the size of your data files significantly.

What's the current state of the library?

The current version is matio-0.1-4.

What works? What else needs to be done? If you would like to help test the software, you can download it using the link below.


Usage Notes:

Other Notes:

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